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The education system has taken the digital way since a long year ago. There is no doubt that the digitalization has made up the education system more upgraded and easy as well as. Learning in digitalization methods had taken off the children to the next level. The great learning site well known by its name “Kahoot” took its place in the education system from August 2013. The teachers use this website based application shortly known as “Kahoot” for playing reciprocal quiz games with their students. after every subjective class of teachers, they can ensure the knowledge of their students by making a simple quiz for their students. In the other way, they can use any pre-made quiz questions for their students. the awesome thing about kahoot is, the teachers can make a quiz game with any kind of subject.

The kids might get a bit bored with regular study systems and the ordinary quiz. Well, the Kahoot is an amazing gaming application where a teacher can set a game with 4 different option of a particular question. all the options have various color and several shapes. Not only that the Kahoot generates different kinds of interesting music for each quiz questions which gives almost a feeling of a quiz game for the students in their classroom studies. The teacher set the quiz game and particular time limit for answering individual questions.  The students have to lock their answer of the quiz question within the certain time. The kinds of music which are used in this quiz game are quite interesting and gives the fun vibes for every student’s brain. well, this might be the reason that most of the memes are made by this music of Kahoot.


Kahoot create

In this era, the new generation kids are learning their studies with a lot of fun by the technical education system in their classrooms. This popular game application is taking place in the classrooms of more than 150 countries. This is not the end, Kahoot has monthly more than 50 million active users from all over the world. The mobile app of Kahoot has launched in September 2017, which made easier for the teacher and the students to carry the education in a new way. Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik are the main persons behind the huge success of Kahoot.

kahoot is a simple application which can be accessed in any kind of platforms such as Android or iOS mobiles, tablet, pc or desktop. This era is all about technical system and digitalization. Kahoot has brought a new level education system for the students. The smart teacher with smart classes is now quite important nowadays. the smart teacher or the smart students both have to contribute their part to this gaming app or Kahoot app. There is no suspicion that Kahoot makes the task of teaching a little beat easy and funny for the students too. The teachers might be thinking about using this amazing app and creating a new account for their students. Well, this is not a tough nut to crack. Let us see, how to create the smart Kahoot account and make a set of quiz for the students.


Step 1: – select your platform or devices which will you use for the account. You can take any device like mobile, iPhone, iPad, laptop, and desktop. Now open your favorite browser and go to the official website of Kahoot by searching with “www.kahoot.com”.

Step 2: – signing up for Kahoot app is totally free. so you can sign up your Kahoot account by clicking Sign Up option which is residing at the top in your given page.

Step 3: – you can put your character in the kahoot app. that means If you are a teacher then go with the option TEACHER and If you are students then go with the option student. As we are explaining for the teacher login, then select the option TEACHER.

Step 4: – Put your school name, university name, your username, the email id. Confirm the email id and make a strong password for your account. in short, you have to fulfill all the details they will ask for.

Step 5: – Now Click Create account.

finally, the account creation is over. Now you can fulfill your teaching task very easily by the KahootApp.You can select the important questions with certain time limits and the 4 options for your Kahoot game.

Create Kahoot

Kahoot login as students: –

Kahoot gaming quiz makes the students from learners to Leaders. As the students use their creativity and thinking skill in the quiz to win, so as a result, Kahoot app helps to improve their social personality. let u have a  look how the student log in can be possible in Kahoot app.

Step 1: – start the browser and search with the official page of Kahoot.

step 2: – sign up as described in teacher log in part. The free Sign up option will be there in the right corner of the screen.

Step 3: – select the character. As you are going to start the new account as a student, so select the option of the student.

Step 4: – now put the name of the school in the empty box, select the date of birth and select the account details such as email id and a strong password.

Step 5: – follow the Blue button to Create account.

Now you can get all the features of kahoot as students.

As Teacher or as a student, kahoot can bring up all creativity of a student and a teacher with the quiz game related to the subjects. A long conversation of study can make the students a bit inattentive in the class. But the Kahoot app will definitely bring the joy and curiosity of a student by the unique music and gaming feature of this app.